Executive Summary



Overview: To purchase, translate, display and promote the last remaining Dead Sea Scrolls (DDS) and other early Christian manuscripts.

This collection is the largest outside the State of Israel of Dead Sea Scrolls and the largest collection of early Christian documents ever made available to the public since the Nag Hammadi Library.

This collection is “priceless” and undervalued and will become, regardless of place and point of exhibition, one of the most important collections of religious and historic documents since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Value: Authenticator (James H. Charlesworth) used the word, “Priceless” in his value in the authentication report. Sotheby’s: Vice Chairman David Reeden noted that if the description is true and authenticated, $300M would be a significant undervaluation of this antiquity.

Sotheby’s has also stated that the value of this collection would be astronomical and command the highest collection price ever sold by Sotheby’s, attracting up to $750,000,000, were they to be sold in a private auction, with the exhibition and display of the collection at single or multiple sites.

Israel has hundreds of people per day paying $30.00 each to view a few fragments. Investors and owners will have royalty rights on all publications of books, articles, talks and presentations on the collection as well as a revenue share of the licensing fees to any documentaries made about the collection.

Wherever this collection is housed, funds will pour in from all over the world, from all denominations and agencies, for the preservation, display, and promotion of this American collection of Biblical and historic documents.

Spiritual Benefit: In the words of the authenticator, these documents will “revolutionize our thinking about traditional Christianity”

Education: As the world flocked to San Diego to see four fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) and as hundreds and thousands go to the Shrine of the Book daily in Israel just to see a few fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Our affiliated Museum will become a center and destination for those interested in documents that affect nearly everyone.

Most biblical scholars belong to religious organizations. We will give them all the opportunity to view first-hand the historic and religious teachings found on the scrolls and other ancient manuscripts.

Our collection holds dozens of never-before-published Dead Sea Scrolls as they relate to the Old Testament. It also includes over five dozen fragments of early Christian manuscripts that fill a void in Christian history. These documents date from 200 A.D. to 600 A.D. and are from Early Christian communities that pre-date the Universal Church founded in Rome.

This Christian collection may become the most important to date in the study of the Christian communities that thrived from the time of Christ to the Council of Nicaea.

Risk Management:
We recognize that once acquired,
the assets could be sold to other interested parties or institutions:
1. To Museums or Universities
2. At Sotheby’s as a private collection.
3. To the Vatican. Since the documents (fragments) have been privately safeguarded to date by the Kando family without any translations or professional and scholarly commentaries made, its value will continue to increase. When this collection is made public, multiple offers for purchase may be made to those who have control of the collection.

We could take the entity public enable the acquisition of additional antiquities, while providing current unit-holders with the ability to liquidate their assets. However, participating in an online stock marketplace that doesn’t allow any derivatives would be ideal.

Revenue: The sale of books, posters, products and seminars, combined with leasing six scrolls at $1.5 million per three-month event is expected to generate over $160 million in NET PROFITS over a three year period once all the scrolls are in our possession.

Invitation: We invite you to invest and own a piece of religious history.  We have three-year convertible notes with an 80% discount upon conversion for the first $2M, a 50% discount for the next $23M and no discount for the final $150M.  Need a tax deduction? Contribute to our affiliated non-profit organization, the American Judeo-Christian Heritage Foundation and feel good all over!