Term Sheet


Bringing Ancient Artifacts to America

T E R M    S H E E T

INVESTMENT:  Ancient Discovery Group, LLC has the exclusive right to purchase the remaining 114 scroll fragments and parchments discovered in Qumran referred to as the Dead Sea Scrolls dated from Old Testament and New Testament periods.  The purchase is from the William Kando Family. The assets are currently being held in a vault in Zurich, Switzerland.

Capital will be raised as Convertible Notes in three stages:

  1. Convertible price is 20% of the per unit price stated in the Cap Table. Up to 10 friends/associates invest $2 million for marketing and promotion of the scrolls and to create the Series A private placement offering.
  2. Series A. Convertible price is 50% of the per unit price stated in the Cap Table. Full private placement to raise $23 million.
  3. Series B. Convertible price is 100% of the per unit price stated in the Cap Table. Full private placement to raise $170 million.

Interest rates for Convertible Notes are based on the amount invested: $25,000 ~ 7%; $100,000 ~ 10%; and $1,000,000 ~ 12%. (3 Year Terms)


Anticipated average annual cash flow (after year three):          32.24 %
Capital appreciation from acquisitions & from going public:    17.50 %
TOTAL RETURN (5 years average annual IRR)                            49.74 %

BOARD:  Bruce Porter, Brian Mickelsen, Tim Jenkins and Adam Brandley.
Advisors to the Board:  Stephan Dana and Jack Bybee.

MANAGEMENT:  Bruce Porter, CEO; Brian Mickelsen, CMO; Adam Brandley, COO.

GUARANTEES:  The William Kando Family has agreed to sell several fragments of the collection with our first $15 million payment and allow the sale of subsequent fragments and manuscripts as lump sums of $10-$20 million come in until the entire $170 million has been paid and the entire collection has been acquired. This provides investors and other owners of the LLC with assets usable as collateral at various funding levels.

Mr. Porter is confident that he can acquire similar antiquities as contributions to the LLC which could then be used as collateral for the initial $2M pre-formation partners.

TRANSLATION:  The LLC will allow our affiliate, The Artifact Research and Translation Foundation access to translate & display the collection.

REVENUE MODEL:  Revenue will be generated from the following sources:

  1. The sale of books, prints, mock scrolls and other accessories.
  2. Lease agreements of the scrolls and parchments to our affiliated foundation, The Artifact Research and Translation Foundation.
  3. Lease agreements of the assets to other museums, religious organizations and universities worldwide.
  4. The sale of guided tours to the Holy Land and paid engagements as keynote speakers at worldwide seminars and symposiums.
  5. Stock acquisition of, as well as the donation of, additional antiquities.