Bruce Porter, CEO & Chairman of the Board

BruceMr. Porter earned his bachelor’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and went on to receive his master’s degree in Middle East Studies with an emphasis in Semitic languages, Hebrew Aramaic, Akkadian, Coptic, and Hieroglyphics, with a minor in ancient Near Eastern Religions. His Ph.D. focuses on the History of Religions, with emphasis in Egyptian religion and textual studies, with a minor in Anthropology.

He has done research in the major museums and libraries of Europe and the United States. He has also presented papers for the Society for Early Historic Archaeology and the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. During his graduate work he assisted in the writing of a documentary on Egyptian archaeology for the BBC and worked as a technical director on the film.

Brian Mickelsen, CMO & Board Member

BrianBrian is a proven leader in business marketing, development and management who is also skilled with office computer programs and some programming. Brian is a proven project manager and has executed from beginning to end many major complicated and logistical events.

Brian has been a partner/owner in a $20 million annual revenue tour company and has managed sales and logistics for international groups of 30 to 5000 participants. Brian has done contracts with suppliers in many countries and traveled the world. For fun, he loves boating and being a private pilot.

Adam Brandley, COO & Board Member

AdamAdam Brandley has 35 years of entrepreneurial & business experience under his belt. He has been a partner in the Gallant Corp, a M&A Firm and a partner in Stonehurst Securities, a former Broker Dealer Firm in Sacramento, California.

Currently he is the CEO and Executive Producer of America’s Real Deal, an entertainment/crowdfunding venture and CEO of the Independent Stock Market. His mission is to help raise capital and generate exposure for private companies while providing liquidity to their investors on a safe, public platform. His success is based on those who surround and support him.


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